Monday, September 24, 2007

Building the Kingdom with

The Church uses the Internet to advance the work of the gospel on various fronts. In particular, I've recently looked at Its layout is simple and effective. I first noticed the video clips, each with a convert to the Church relating how his or her questions about life found answers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now I click on the Basic Beliefs link; as the categories appear, I recognize the lessons and principles in the Preach My Gospel manual from which missionaries teach. This well-organized set of lessons would be excellent for anyone who browses the site to learn about the church, and even better for investigators who wish to review these same lessons the missionaries have taught them.

The Church webmasters have gone beyond simply publishing information about the Church to the Web. They have selected features that give the Internet an advantage over other publishing forms. A video clip accompanies each principle. Visitors can customize and send gospel-themed e-cards. They can type in a specific question and find an answer, or find the time and place of the nearest Sacrament meeting, complete with a MapQuest map.

It especially caught my attention that site visitors can chat with a member of the Church live. Church magazine articles warn that too often the anonymity of online chat hides predators or inappropriately lifts inhibitions. I am glad to see make careful use of online chat for a good cause. Because of the Internet's anonymity, people who are not yet ready to announce their interest in the Church can learn more, and learning prepares them to take further steps.

Overall, I see a website that has been attentively shaped and polished to assist in the Lord's work of proclaiming the gospel. Kudos to the minds behind for the wise steps they have taken in building the kingdom.

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